Bone to Pick a Fight

-All Right all right
-Maybe Growth maybe growth
-Everyone’s Free everyone’s free
-Nothing Like Freedom nothing like freedom
-Magnificat magnificat
-Ohio ohio


You know the devil wears a new dress everyday
You like to pin them up to a calendar page
You used to hide it under your mattress when you were a kid
Now you wonder if your son does the same things you did

this verse never made it onto the album:
(I€™ve been watching the way I€™ve been watching myself
It seems I need a little help with my self-help
Thinking about cashing all this in
Watch out watchdogs your stalker€™s seeping in cynicism)

Beginning to think this world
Is in for a big change
Not sure exactly what
But I bet its got a new name
The old ways come
The new way€™s gone
And you€™re left in between
Wondering what went wrong
But I think it€™s all right
I think it€™s all right

All the old folks barking about our moral degradation
I tried to catch it on a talk show, but it was just my reflection
You can blame it on eve and her bad taste
Blaming doesn€™t make you any less in need of grace

I€™ve been taking something fierce you can smell it on my breath
I€™m all high on myself and it wreaks of death
Gonna spit it all out, I€™m going to get clean
Remember who you are and forgot about me

Not sure what€™s been done
But you got to be the one
To make it all right


Maybe it€™s growth, maybe it€™s sprawl
Maybe a church, size of a mall
Maybe size matters, maybe it doesn€™t at all
All that really matters to me is answering a call

Change my phone, one million times
Still I pick up, God€™s on the line
I know full God€™s hand is on the receiver
Be it a patron saint, or a non-believer

Maybe it€™s style, maybe the facts
Maybe a church, patting your back
Maybe it goes under the water and comes up new
If God can save a cynic like me, there€™s room enough for you

Every time I talk to God
I feel so small
And loved,
And that€™s big


The laws on your side, but it€™s twisted and knotted
If I thought your war was just, I just would€™ve fought it

But no one€™s free when they€™re lookin€™ down the barrel of a gun
And a bullets only peace, is where it just came from

And all your reasoning, might as well be a joke
You keep punching the punch line, punch it down my throat
And it€™s on the tv, yeah it€™s in the theater
It€™s no wonder when you€™re mad, you just want to hit her

But no one€™s free when they€™re getting their answer with a fist
Question the authority, authority just gets ticked

I wanna wash my hands, I wanna get free
The waters all blood, and it€™s covering me
Was that a dove that I saw, dippin€™ down from the sky
You got it in the crosshairs, it won€™t let you die

Now everyone€™s free, but we€™re all getting fit for new chains
Yeah I saw the curtain torn, but I think I€™ll stay out of range
You say you can forgive, but I€™m afraid that means I€™ll have to change
Then what will I do with all the evil that I€™ve done in your name?



Nothing like freedom, Nothing like being free
Nothing like dreamin when you€™re in my dreams
Nothing better than a piece of God
When you know God€™s peace
Nothing worse than a hanging rope
When your feet don€™t reach
(I will fear no hanging rope
When I know God€™s peace)

Been working for the devil, Devil€™s been working me
Tried to stop him He tied me to the lynchin€™ tree
Jesus felt the leather straps
Jesus felt the tree
We both felt the devil on our back
Now we both feel free

Nothing like singing, Nothing like a reason to sing
Nothing like an angel taking me on her wings
Nothing better than the hand of God
Pulling me back towards home
40 lashes set me free,
I€™ve got a new master now



Sometimes all it takes, is a sigh to get me down
I€™ve been lower before, haven€™t we all felt the ground
Sometimes all it takes is dirt between my fingers
I€™ll grow my own food, self-sufficient, folk singer

I€™ve got a habit like a nun€™s got a rosary
I€™ve got a song like a nun€™s got virgin mary
(in my weariness, in my lapse of depression,
light my candle, magnify now my confession)

Here it is, bled from my own inexperience
Road weary hypothesis, dreamy like a scientist
Here it is the gospel, crux of holy testament
I call it the truth, some use it like a condiment

No more time to hate, chip on my shoulder got way to heavy
Free me of my self, love€™s been dammed (damned) now it€™s gonna break the levy
No more time to hate, wasted anger and frustration
Things can turn about, this desert heart got irrigation



I was born in ohio,
I am undecided still
I am sick of the republicans
Democrats, make me ill

I don€™t need a rich white boy
Telling me to go to war
I don€™t believe me and that rich white boy
Share any values, worth fighting for

Yeah you can pose by your crucifix
You can promote the religious right
Be the pawn in their holy wars
How long since you, seen the light

I know you stand against abortion
Don€™t want the unborn to die
But when they come out and see their mother€™s wages
They€™ll starve to death, on your lies

With the economy in shambles
No jobs left, we€™re all poor
Job€™s shipped off to a distant land
I€™m following, to their shores

Now I€™m in that foreign country
They ask me what the gun is for
I say I€™m employed by some rich white boy
And I€™ve been hired, in his war

I€™m going back to ohio
I don€™t get back all that often
The president, wished me well on this trip
I never thanked him, for the coffin




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