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this is the way we go to church

It is my eternal hope that someone will buy our mini-van.  Soon.  It could be you. 

On Sunday afternoons our family heads off to Humble Walk Lutheran Church.  HWLC meets in a vacant spot on the corner of W. 7th and Randolph.  By and large everything used for worship goes back and forth between the building and our spacious 2 bedroom bungalow, which also hosts the church office and a utility room that I now refer to as the Janitor’s Closet.  Part of the glory of being married to the pastor is that I get to help schlep all the gear.  Thankfully, considering most churches’ set ups it’s not much.  Oddly enough though we can’t fit two kids, two parents, two rubbermaids, two djembe’s (lately there’s been a pre-service drum circle) and a guitar in one Honda Civic.  So we have to use the mini-van.  But I want to sell the mini-van.  So with the help of I built this bike trailer:


It can also pull four kids up and down the alley.  And the kids like it.  I once jokingly said it was a quarter for a ride.  I made 5 bucks in about 12 minutes.  Suckers!  Their parents made me give it back.

The Reverend thinks it makes me look homeless.  I think she knew I’d take it as a compliment.  (Funny thing is I’ve had preschoolers ask me if I was homeless before.  Apparently the homeless population in St. Paul is handsome, smart, creative, funny, and an all together likeable group.)

So please, buy the mini-van already.

Or hire me to build you a trailer.  Better gas mileage and more trunk space than a Honda Civic.

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Hello Up There


My latest tall bike – two old Schwinn Varsity frames – one from Joe who used to live in the yellow house behind me, and one from Donald, my neighbor across the street.  Thanks neighbors!

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band 2

Thanks to all who came to the CD Release Party!  It was a blast.  The Pretty Mysterious Band consisted of (l to r) Jason DeBoer Moran, Steve Abenth, Micah Taylor, Me, and Erin DeBoer Moran.  Mystery Solved.  We were also joined by Martin Marty on lead guitar for Young Consumer Blues.  After the show one of dad commented on that song being a precursor to Rage Against the Machine.  That’s right kids, stop doing what they told you!

 My Mom made an amazing assortment of cookies – thanks Mom! 


Here’s the set list:

Howdi Do
Clap Clap Clap
Jenny Jenkins
Skip To My Lou
Round and Round
This Land (with a few new verses)
Little Red Caboose
Consumer Blues
Mustang Sally (who doesn’t love yelling ‘ride sally/lydia/charlie etc… ride’)
Monkey Dance
Grocery Store
Hippy Parents
Fly Your Kite
When We Say Goodbye/ Take on Me medley (in honor of Norwegian Constistution Day, complete with opening riff on melodica and mandolin!)

Oh, and if anybody left a blue jansport diaper bag – give me a call! 612.269.9023

Peace and Love, Nate.

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