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Hey! That’s My Bike Tour: Part 1

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Nate + Bikes + Guitar = Hey! That’s My Bike Tour.

I’ve wanted to do a tour on my bike for years. In fact, the last two years I’ve tried setting one up and both times have failed because I couldn’t make it fit within the limitations of distance, time away from home, and big fat wads of cash. Or at least $20 and a pound of coffee…

But now it’s happening! October 16th-20th I’ll be out on my long bike playing in River Falls WI, Wabasha, Winona, Rochester, and Northfield MN. DETAILS HERE

I made this video for you to see how the tour got its name, check out some of the odd bikes I’ve built over the years, and meet my Board of Directors (Richard, Tabitha, and Dudette). Check it out:

I plan on doing a few more video updates as this tour and the new album (Anchor) become a reality so stay tuned and/or sign up for e-mail updates.

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Posted: September 26th, 2013
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