News for May 2012

Houge, Holden, Hurray.

Here’s a shot from one of the 3 Holden Youth Weekends I just returned from. Huge thanks to the folks at Trinity Lutheran College for putting this on, Holden for hosting and welcoming me into the community during the in between days, and all the youth and adults that participated!

A bonus thank you to Nancy at Delta in St. Paul for tracking down my guitar during it’s 20 minutes of wandering between uninformed baggage claimers and jackassed gate checkers. Man alive, airports are inhumane. I need a Smith’s shirt with the quote, “I am human and I need to be loved,” for my next trip through the airport. Let’s make that happen folks.

Thank you all, check your pulse, hug a loved one, Nate.

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My other gig…

Here’s a shot of my daughters on our recent camping and tour excursion to North Dakota.  We camped well, stayed dry, stayed warm, and came home happy to see Jodi.  As always.

After my show in Walhalla one person asked me what I love about this job.  Well…. Just about everything!  The travel, the music, writing songs, meeting new people, hearing new stories… It’s a great gig.

But it’s not my only gig.  Notice the two girls in the photo?  Yeah.  They (like it or not) require a bit of parenting.  My wife and I continue to balance our lives.  You don’t need to have kids to know how hard that can be sometimes.

I’d really love to have my monthly newsletter out on the first of the month.  But then my work hours on Tuesday disappear when one of the girls is home sick.  It would be great to take the gig on Friday… but my daughter’s going to be on stage at school.

This morning was a rough one.  Jodi at a conference (day 3) 1 kid misses the bus, the other has a minor meltdown due to a misplaced toothbrush.  Trying to get both of them into the car with my guitar in hand while calling  the day care I’m supposed to be playing at in 5 minutes and saying I’m running late…

But that’s life.  That’s my job.  My work.  Calling.  Vocation.  Whatever you call it.

Not perfect, and today was rough, but all in all?  Good.  Sometimes I need to be reminded.

So here’s a song for me.  And maybe you to. Wherever you are at in life, I hope you can see the good.

And if I ever get May’s newsletter together you can sign up for it here:


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