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Hey Bike Tour – Day 3

flat tire

You never regret going on a bike ride.
This is what I told my wife when I got home from the post office and bank today in a light drizzle and a recent drop in temperature. And this is true about my recent bike tour as well.

My friend Richard called me today to check in on the recent tour and I realized that I had only blogged about the first two days. Assuming you all check my website daily I’m guessing you were quite certain and I had met an untimely end on a back road of Minnesota. It seems the only plausible explanation for why I hadn’t blogged day 3,4, and 5.
As it turns out I did not die but am very much alive. I just got kind of tired. I’ve now written up the last few days and will post them one day at a time complete with an insight/observation blog at the end. Here goes something.
DAY 3 – Winona – Acoustic Cafe
The ride from from Wabasha to Winona was short and beautiful. It would’ve been shorter had I not got another flat tire. Again it was on the rear wheel which is akin to taking everything out of the trunk of your car to get to the spare. Luckily I got it right next too a beautiful park. I think it was in Goodview. So I had a snack, laid down on a park bench for awhile, and patched it up. Onward to Winona. I got to the Acoustic Cafe mid afternoon and stashed my stuff in a corner. I took care of work stuff- wrote a set list, deposited a couple checks at the bank, and sent off a CD order that I had been carrying with me since St. Paul.  Then I headed over to Adventure Cycle & Ski and looked into some tire options. The folks there were great and I spent everything I had made in tips so far on a new tire (hard case, puncture resistant) and leg warmers. For some dumb reason I had only brought bike shorts and these nifty things covered the rest of my legs which I was very grateful for the next two days.
I ate a huge vegi burrito.
I played to a small crowd.
Patty, who I sold my lap steel to a couple of weeks ago in St. Paul, happened to be playing with Jack Klatt down the street, saw me, and waved. We talked. Small world.
I had a great time.
The guys working at Acoustic were super great. People came and went as is the norm for most coffee shop gigs, but everyone that came listened. The tips were good, I sold a few CD’s, and at the end of the night I got to stay with a friend’s parents who put my bike on their bike rack and took great care of me. I woke up to french toast and eggs. ’nuff said.


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Hey Bike Tour Day 2

Yesterday was my longest ride in probably a year. 60 miles from River Falls WI to Wabasha MN. It took just over 6 hours including a lunch stop, a 5-10 minute break every hourish, and changing a flat tire. So I’m guessing I’m going 10-12mph, which is right where I was hoping to be on these travels. I’m really happy with how this is going.
The morning was cold – it took about 10 minutes of holding a coffee mug at the diner I ate lunch at before I could successfully navigate my phone – but the afternoon was just about perfect. Today looks to be the same.
Also to note: Riding down hwy 35 along the river is just plain beautiful this time of year. (I’m borrowing a computer so check my facebook page for photos )
There were some long slow climbs and some great descents and plenty of curves to keep you guessing what was around the bend. The shoulders were wide and smooth. At one point there was road construction that reduced the road down to one lane with a stoplight saying when you’re side could go. I wasn’t as fast as a car getting through that so the other side’s light turned green before I got out. So that was exciting. As much for me as the driver of the Silverado. But he survived.
Last night’s concert was great – warm and receptive audience, lots of great conversations about the bike and what not. I left the bike at the church and got a ride with the couple I’m staying with and am once again at the receiving end of hospitality. Once my riding clothes are dry I’ll be heading out to Winona. I’m grateful for safe travel and a shorter ride today. And I gotta admit, I can’t wait to get back on my bike. Thanks for all the kind words/wishes/prayers/tweets/comments/shares/loves/etc… See down the road! Nate.

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Hey Bike Tour Day 1

Yesterday was the ride from St. Paul to River Falls – went great, a little chilly, a little busy around some of the 94/694 entrance exit ramps, but that only inspired faster riding. Arrived at UWRF at 10:30 played/chatted from 11-1 met great people, ate free food, got put up in a hotel (ROCKANDROLL!) took a shower and a nap, hung out with my friend Erik, gave him a ride with my gear to Dish and the Spoon, checked out their wood fire pizza oven, was stoked to see some old friends and a huge group from Rush River Lutheran Church show up – Awesome!
Here’s a video of me singing “Hey! That’s My Bike.”

Not sure if I’ll have computer access the next few days, but you can keep an eye out for me on FB and Twitter (@housewithag)
The bank sign says 42. I’m putting on gloves and heading to Wabasha – send all your friends down to Faith Lutheran tonight, por favor!
Peace out! Nate.

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Bike Tour Part II

In 8 hrs I hit the road for the first of five days of me and a bike and a guitar and a yous.
My last post touched on picking a bike, this post is about packing for five days of touring on a bike.
Before I post the video I must say thank you to all the positive feedback and posts and tweets and retweets I’ve been getting about this tour.
I’m nervous. A little apprehensive. Totally excited. And I can’t wait. This is the sort of stuff we live for. Here’s to doing what you love for a living.

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