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Downloading The Stumbling Service

I recently released Stumbling Service.  It’s been well received and hopefully that will continue.  If you’re not familiar with it, skip this post, click on the link and listen/read all about it.

Now that you’ve done that…

This is an all digital release.  There’s no physical songbook or CD available for purchase.  This allows for a number of things.  I can sell it for $20.  You won’t have 10 extra copies floating around your church library 20 years from now.  You can pass on the MP3s to the rest of your band without first converting file formats.  All in all it makes things much more functional.  It also allows for immediate use.  You buy it.  You download it.  You use it.

Unfortunately my initial online store set up kind of stunk.  I was paying for way more options that I needed and there were all kinds of steps the buyer had to go through.  It was kind of a mess.  And then when the first few folks followed the links, jumped through the hoops and ordered Stumbling Service they had to e-mail me because the download link didn’t work.  I ended up e-mailing files to people individually.  I don’t mind doing that and I felt horrible that they had to go through yet more step.  As the head of Nate Houge Industries and Frivolity I knew something had to change.

And it did.

Now I’m using bitbuffet.  I’m telling you this for two reasons.

1.  I’m sure I lost sales because of the previous store.  It was too complicated.  If that was the case for you, now you can click here buy Stumbling Service via PayPal.  Easy.

buy file or download now!

2.  Of the 6 people that read this blog 5 of you are in the same business as me.  And Mom, you might want to sell a digital download someday too.  So for all 6 of you I recommend bitbuffet.  It’s simple.  It’s cheap.  It works.

The End.


Posted: September 5th, 2012
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