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Becoming Liturgy – New CD Released

It’s delightful, it’s delovely, it’s deliturgy!

Becoming Liturgy, the new acoustic album featuring myself, Erin and Jason Deboer Moran, Micah Taylor, Justin Rimbo, Jonathan Rundman, Rachel Kurtz, Erik Hummel, Russel Munson and Mari Carlson is now available to you, the general public.  The liturgists. 

For more information on the album and to download the leadsheets click here.

To order your copy e-mail me – 

To everyone that pre-ordered the album, thank you!

Posted: August 25th, 2009
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i walk the line

On line off line no line clothes line, I walk ’em all.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve been from MN to ID to MN to ND.  I had a great week at Idaho Servant Adventures with some outstanding folks from Oregon and South Dakota, came back and finished a writing gig for Augsburg Fortress, packed the car and now here I am in beautiful Walhalla ND. 

Somewhere in the midst of that I picked up my latest CD from the manufacturers.  ‘Becoming Liturgy’ is now available – though I’ll give it a more formal blog entry in the next week or two.  Thanks to all who preordered it.  The songbook is ready to put up as well so you’ll be seeing that soon!

The new CD, Becoming Liturgy features 28 liturgical pieces for guitar/piano/drum.  With this in hand I called up to Walhalla Lutheran and asked Pastor Don if I could lead music on Sunday.  He said yes.  So I arrived Thursday night, we made a bulletin and on Sunday morning Walhalla Lutheran had quite possibly it’s first ever guitar led worship.  It went great, thanks Don!

Then on Monday my mother-in-law headed down to the senior center to play cards.  On her way out she said, “If they ask if you can come do some songs what should I tell them?” I said, “Just ask when they want me.”  I got a call in 10 minutes, “Tonights are potluck.  Will you be our entertainment?”  “Yup.”  So Monday night I went and did a little concert at the senior center and it went great.  Last Christmas I came down and led a sing along and in turn they let me stick around and play hand and foot – even though I didn’t have my aarp card yet.  It was a pretty good deal.  Well this gig went just as great.  I did a 45 minute concert to one of the most attentive audiences you could ever ask for.  And it led to another gig.  This afternoon me and the girls headed over to the nursing home and played another show.  I did a few of my songs then the girls did a few songs.   Then we did some action songs all together.  The walker crowd may not be the ideal group for jumping around but they loved watching the girls dance and they clapped and sang away on familiar songs like She’ll be coming ’round the mountain.  So my ND vacation has had a bit of work thrown in, but when you get to do what you love a working vacation ain’t that bad.

Oh, and while I was up here I found an old bike to fix up.  It’s a 20+ year old giant rincon.  that’s right jim, the rincon.

Posted: August 19th, 2009
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