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observations and liturgies.

I’ve been doing some ‘liturgical consulting’ lately and driving around in my car more than normal. I saw a funny road sign yesterday on 494. It said, “DWI Arrest Zone” which begs the question, Are there zones where you won’t be arrested for DWI? I’m a writer, not an editor, but all the same I’m guessing there are better ways of phrasing the question.
I’m gearing up for a lot of music this fall – a few of the dates are posted, a few aren’t. There’s been a ton of good feedback from the Becoming Liturgy CD which is great. In September I get to be the song leader at my home congregation, Humble Walk. I’m a big fan of common song and hymnals, but since I’m a songwriter it seems like a great chance to share what I do with the congregation so I’ve been putting together a liturgy for the month. There are a few songs from Becoming Liturgy, a song that I wrote for our families advent devo’s four years ago and had forgotten about and then there are a couple new ones as well.
I get to do a guest blog about the liturgy over on Humble Walks website but I will share a couple things I’m stoked about.
1 – I’ll play it all on lap dulcimer and lap steel. Originally I was going to call it the Laptop Liturgy because of this. Which would be funny because people would think there would be technology involved and that perhaps I was going to be doing some hip club dj thing. But no, as is usually the case it’s wood and steel strings for this guy. Luddite approved. Luddite Liturgy.
2. But no, it’s not luddite liturgy. It’s the Little Liturgy. Or perhaps I will call it, In the Folds of Liturgy. Because I’m basing the bulletins construction on a way of folding paper that I learned a few years ago while writing Spark Sunday School curriculum for Augsburg Fortress. So there will be paper manipulation during the service. So all you cynics that say the church is manipulative… you’re right! And you are welcome to come manipulate with us and shake off a little of that bitterness that I myself know all too well.
3. There will be movement. I’m not a dancer. But I choreographed a fifth grade musical once and it went okay. So I’m going to do that again and we’ll have a little square dance inspired communion action. As my friend Kjellgren once sang, The frozen chosen are about to thaw.
So that’s what’s on my mind. That and the need for kids to wear helmets. Especially when they’re on their bicycles. Really parents, insist on it. It’s not just the law, it’s their noggins on the line.
noggin on heaven’s door.
Oh, and me and justin and graham have drums and bass down for the next Nate Houge album. check back on that in 2011.

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fo – sho – bud

And to think, some kids are stuck playing the piano. ¬†Watch out Lloyd, Elsa’s on her way.

Posted: August 13th, 2010
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