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Grandpa’s Minithon.

Here are the finisher’s of the 1st Annual Grandpa’s Minithon.  My dad (bottom left) is an avid distance runner and hiker.  This year he was all set to go for another running of Grandma’s Marathon up in Duluth.  Unfortunately a torn calf muscle put a crimp on those plans.  So my brother (middle right) and I came up with Grandpa’s Minithon.  We moved the decimal over one to create a 2.62 mile course.   Initially Dad was going to run it and we were all heading up the water stops but at the last minute I decided to run it with him.  And then Ben joined.  And then Jutta jumped in.

Lydia made us race numbers that we pinned on to our shirts.  Instead of timing chips we were each given a handful of potato chips to eat as we crossed the starting line.  The first stop was at Mojo Monkeys for a chocolate donut.  The next stop was at McDonalds for milkshakes, but apparently no one had clued in this location on  being a fast-food destination and after a 10 minute wait we decided to carry on without them.  (Not to mention the donuts weren’t sitting so well with us at this point.)

A mad dash to the finish, an awards ceremony, and a round of celebratory drinks at Skinners followed.

We’re already looking forward to next years.  (With plans for water balloons, a bacon station, and a found object requirement)

This is one of few races I’ve run with my Dad, but definitely my favorite.  Cheers!


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