News for June 2011

Filling in the Fall

Just updated a few fall dates – it’s filling up fast and I’m stoked about that!  If you’re wondering what it takes to book me I’ll tell you now… not much.  Call me or e-mail me (info on contact page) and we’ll set something up!

Also, for the 2011-12 booking year, I have a special promotion.  If you cover transportation/housing/food I’ll play your Maine or Hawaii event/concert/whatever for free.  You get a free show and I’ll have finally made it to all 50 states.  Win/win.

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The Nate Houge Brand

I read this today:

Can’t help but wonder where the line between art and product is. I gotta figure out how to make a living but is product the answer? What if a touring t-shirt maker started selling CD’s on the side to support her business. We’d think that’s a little odd. (Of course, the first oddity being a t-shirt designer on tour…)

And some folks buy products to support the artists art too. So giving them a product gives them a way to support you. But does it cheapen the art? I kind of feel like it does, but I kind of would rather sell T-shirts at my shows than get a job at a coffee shop on the side.

So should I start putting products out? And if so what should they be? My gut says Nate Houge Fly Swatters, but I could be wrong. Maybe flesh colored Christ’s that glow in the dark? I think Bob Dylan would approve.

Posted: June 24th, 2011
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Barn Rocked, Synod Assembled.

Last week Micah and Justin joined me at Dodge Nature Center for the annual Rock the Barn fund raiser.  Thanks to all who came out and sang and danced with us and supported Dodge.  The funny thing with a kids show is that you never know what’s going to happen.  I’ve sung with kids for the last 10 years in varying capacities and I’ve often had to defend the amount of work that goes into doing kids music.  As is generally the case people think young = less important, easier, less sophisticated, etc…  Here’s an example of how that plays out:

At 18 one has all the skills to read, research, gather people, discuss and implement learning on their own.

By the age of 5 our brains are at 90% of their growth.

And who do we set higher standards for when it comes to hiring teachers: preschools or universities?
Universities of course because anyone can teach little kids, right?
Oh so wrong.

And it’s the same with concerts.  It’s way easier to do a bar show than it is to do a kids b-day party.  But not everyone believes me.  So needless to say, I was thrilled to hear what singer songwriter David Mead had to say on this subject:

The entire video is interesting, but especially around 14 minutes or so.  And then stick around for the song at the end.

My friend and musical collaborator Micah shared this video with me today and I think it’s great.  Especially as I went from playing Rock The Barn to a weekend of singing with pastors and delegates from the Lacrosse Area Synod.  You want to find an easy group to sing with?  Get in a room with 250 church nerds (252 if you count Rachel and I).

And tonight I’m playing a birthday party gig for the daughter of Jim Orvis (you’ve heard him on MKFNATPPOPPL or with Romantica).  Time to switch gears!  Be prepared.  Anything could happen…

And hopefully it will.

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