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i just posted a thanksgiving blog that i wrote at home, but I also need to mention a couple things that have happened since then.

For about 2 years i’ve been eyeing a firewire in/out for recording made by mackie – (the onyx 400f for those of you who care)  Today I bought it for about 250 bucks cheaper than what you’d pay on sweetwater or at GC – and where did I get that smoking deal?  Metro Sound & Lighting in St. Paul.  I love the little guy.  I used to stop there on my way to buying things at Guitar Center thinking I was getting a better deal with the big box, but the last two things I’ve purchased I’ve bought there and gotten, better deals and way better service than I’d ever get at Guitar Center.  It totally pays to shop local. 

And then to add blessing upon blessing (shower me oh lord, with all kinds of great deals and wonderful buys) (just like you did for Joel Osteen) I totally scored a free bike on the side of the road on the way home.  Granted I had to pull over on a busy section of Ayd Mill to grab it, but totally worth it.  It’s an old sears 3 speed with internal hub shifting – it’s greatest feature may be the old school schwinn seat someone put on it.  It needs some work, and for those of you that think multi-tasking is the way of the future here’ a little warning.  taking advantage of your daughter’s soapy bath by putting dirty old rubber inner tubes in it to check for holes is only a good idea if you do it after your daughter’s out of the tub.  If you do it while she’s still in the tub she will get out dirtier than she went in.  And your wife may not like it.  I haven’t tested it, but I’m guessing it’s true if you have a son in the tub as well.

Lesson learned.  Theoretically.

Posted: November 26th, 2007
Categories: bike, music
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