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Rodeo/Road Update

Well so much for daily updates on the Rodeo.We (Kjel, Nate, Bethel Lutheran Roseville, CA) wrapped things up Sunday morning and we drove back to Kjel’s place in Phoenix.   The second we refers to Kjel and I – the congregation didn’t feel like making a 12 hour drive with us.  So after two Del Tacos and one Starbucks we pulled into Phoenix around 1 am (about 8 hours ago as I write)  We were definitely ready to be off the road.  My big dilemma now is whether or not to grind coffee beans while Kjel’s still asleep.  Will he appreciate that I’m making coffee and easing him into the day at a reasonable hour?  Or would he rather I sit here with a caffeine headache and the mental clarity of a moose?Grind on.While that’s percolating  allow me to give you the briefest of updates on the last week.welcome, creative, 4 instruments, great kids, great adults, power tools, sharp knives, home depot, great food, strong coffee, morning runs, pool, song writing, art art art, beautiful weather, snack on, snack to it, metaphor, liturgy, learning, growing, experiment, positive.Now I’m going to drink this coffee (with Kjel who coincidentally is awake now) put on my least dirty shirt (10 days, one carry on, one load of wash you do the math) get on a plane, go to MN and hug my three favorite girls until they tell me to go take a shower and put on a clean shirt.   

Posted: July 28th, 2008
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rodeo day one

Welcome to Day One of the Rodeo – Gathering

The below instrument is a large shaker that requires a community to play. The idea/design for this came from a conversation with Jim Orvis. Thanks Jim!

bethel onebethel twobethel three

shakeshaker cover

Posted: July 22nd, 2008
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hot and cold

Friday – walk to bus, bus to airport tram – airport tram to escalator – escalator to concourse – concourse to gate – gate to plane – plane to air – air to ArizonaSaturday – Morning run.  97 degrees.  6am.  Hottest run of summer.  AZ – CASunday –  After a 5 hour nap in motel 6, arrive at Bethel Lutheran Church in Sacramento at 8 am.Monday – 5:15 am run with Matt (of the Herlocker’s who Kjel and I are staying with).  If I would’ve brought long sleeves and gloves I would’ve worn them.  It was like 50 something out.  Not what you’d expect in sunny CA.  Coldest run of summer.Today Kjel and I will embark with the congregation of Bethel Lutheran Church on the Jesus Rodeo.  I estimate in about 3 more cups of coffee we’ll start our shopping at Large Home Improvement store.  Perhaps by tomorrow there’ll be some visual evidence on this here site.   

Posted: July 21st, 2008
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thanks, i'm off

thanks to all who came to the show last saturday – you were a great crowd – hope you got your money’s worth!

In a couple days I’m off for AZ where I’ll be working with Kjellgren Alkire on CD packaging for my upcoming kids CD and as we screen print our little hearts out we’ll be working on the ever evolving Jesus Rodeo.

Hold your horses,


Posted: May 12th, 2008
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Sweetheart of the Rodeo

This is the hanging on part of winter that just about knocks you out.  It’s the middle of April and there’s snow in the forecast.  Luckily I’ve dug deep into my emotional tool box and I think I’m going to make it.  I skipped my welding class tonight to deal with an almost overwhelming amount of work to do.  I’ve made my lists and prioritized what needs to get done.  I’m checking things off and celebrating their completion.  I picked up another bike since my little bike blog (I just posted it but it was written 3 days ago).  In fact when I picked this one up the owner of the home yelled out his window “thank you!”  I don’t think he’ll mind me cutting it up to make instruments for the rodeo.  The what?  That’s right, I said rodeo.

So Bethel Lutheran Church in Roseville CA made the smartest move ever and invited Kjel Alkire and yours truly to bring the Jesus Rodeo out to CA.  What is the Jesus Rodeo?  I can’t really explain it, but maybe if you pictured the love child of Vacation Bible School and The Burning Man you might be onto something.  It’s Kjel’s ongoing interactive performance art installation and I get to carry the audible end of the torch.  If I explained it anymore I’d need way more gigs than this motherboard can put out.  (I don’t think that means anything.)

But the Rodeo is one of the projects that could potentially overload me, but with the deft handling of my self help books, journaling, and cognative therapy I’ve mastered it and it’s become my inspiration!  #95 in the LBW.

Posted: April 10th, 2008
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recording with the honest folk –

also in rock and roll news – kid cd off to mix land, thank you gregg ward

and lastly the Jesus Rodeo is coming to a town near you.  If you live near Roseville CA.

Posted: April 4th, 2008
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