Chicago and Back

I just got back from a Global Music Training Event in Chicago, IL at The Lutheran Center.  For those of you who care about ELCA hierarchy, you know the Lutheran Center is the churchwide headquarters.  For the rest of us… well… THE Lutheran Center?  THE?  There aren’t others?  Google it.  Perhaps they should rename the building, A Lutheran Center.  I know, I’m a heritic.  Bull me.

Anyway, the last 48 hours were brilliant.  An amazing group of 50 church musicians with 50 different stories.  (Recount: 49, my roommate came down with the flu and was unable to attend – Jonathan get well soon!  You were missed!)  Rather than attempt a summary I’ll simply say I am grateful to be part of a church that reaches beyond borders to grow in a fuller understanding of God’s redemptive work in the world.  Or, for those of you who don’t speak the flowery fru-fru dialect that is Christianese:  God loves the world, and I get to be a part of a church that sees singing all of God’s songs as important and life changing.  Was that less church talk?  Not really.  Oh well.  Here’s something the rest of the music fans out there will appreciate.  Gary Louris sat down next to me at the airport.  I like Gary but had nothing to say of any significance so I let him sit peace.  Later, as we were getting on the plane we ended up standing next to each other.  Might as well say, “Hi.”

N: Hey Gary

G: Huh?

N: Thanks for doing what you do, I’ve apprecitated your work for a long time.

G:  Oh, Thanks.  I saw you in the airport.  You look just like one of my old road managers.  Like, just like him.

N:  Was he a good road manager?

G:  Oh yeah, the best, I really liked that guy.

N:  Cool.  Well take it easy.  I just wanted to say thanks for making great art.

G:  Yeah, you’re welcome, thanks.  We’re back at it too. 

[And then his voice kind of trailed off as we got onto the plane, so technically I’m not sure if this conversation ever ended…He may still be chatting it up.  I hope he’s not dissappointed when he realizes I’m no longer there.]

There you have it.  I look like an old Jayhawks’ road manager.  And a good one at that.

Posted: January 31st, 2009
Categories: edumacation, music
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