consumer culture sucketh nate 3:16

So the other morning my daughter goes downstairs to wake up visiting grandma who is watching a little morning TV.  14 hours later as she’s eating her bedtime snack and getting ready for teeth brushing she informs us that she’s getting a thing to put on her teeth to make them white so that she doesn’t have to brush anymore.  Given that she never watches tv other than the occasional video from the library it’s safe to say that she soaked up that little nugget of marketing while waking up grandma.  So what other commercials did she see?  What else did her little sponge brain absorb?  Kids don’t know a commercials motivation, it might as well be their sunday school teacher telling them the gospel truth.  And this wasn’t even a commercial aimed at kids.  Let’s pretend this is a portals of prayer and close with a prayer.  Dear God, please smite the shitheads that prey on our children.  Give them yellow teeth and bad dandruff that knows no cure.  Amen.

Posted: October 19th, 2007
Categories: fact, family
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