There’s no such thing as Fanta.

Last night I was talking to a Dad of one of my daughter’s classmates.  Our girls go to a great public school in MN that has artist residencies as part of its curriculum.  The conversation steered towards all the talk and excitement surrounding these artists and how at times we couldn’t tell when our daughters were describing what happened and what they imagined/desired to be happening.  Or what some folks would describe as lying about what happened.

Nobody likes to be lied to.  In the past I’ve found it very frustrating when my daughter says things that aren’t true, but this Dad changed my perspective a bit.  He described it as a childs way of making sense or their reality.  The line between fantasy and reality is virtually nonexistant.  When they say they flew during dance class it’s not a lie, it was their reality.  That’s a pretty great reality. 

To take it a bit further I think this is the sort of reality that allows all of us to best live through the pain and promise of Advent. 

If my goal is to have a Reality shaped by Faith than I must also admit that faith is no better friends with fact than it is with fantasy.

Posted: December 6th, 2008
Categories: fact, fantasy
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