How to make a hit record

Micah and I have been talking about recording a welaware album, so today at the library i found a book called ‘how to make a hit record’ where could i go wrong?  It was written in 1976, so sure it’s a bit dated.  Also, I can’t help thinking, “where in all the liner notes that i’ve read have i seen this book credited?”  But maybe, it’s not the books fault, maybe the author should have read the book ‘how to write a bestselling book about making hit records’ before writing his book.  Anyhow, the first two chapters have been riveting. 

So this evening i thought, How does one prep for making a new album?  as i pondered this i ran across the rpm challenge and i thought, ‘bingo! i’ll make a prepatory album for the welaware debut’  I figure if I’m posting a song a week anyways, why not knock it up to 2 songs a week for the month and call it an album?  My goal is to write it all during february as well, which i might fudge on a bit since i wrote a song at burger king today that i might want to use…  maybe that’ll be a prep single to the prep album.

So do follow along as i plan on posting as much as possible as it happens.

also, i shaved my head yesterday with my daughter’s help, and just now as i was putting her to bed she cuddled up to it and kept rubbing it for good luck.  that was a pretty sweet moments folks, just thought i’d share.  Today was one of those 12 hour parenting days – though Jodi did come home for supper.  I’m exhausted.  good night all.

Posted: January 30th, 2007
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