let it all go

in the continual post move angst under the weight of my posessions i’m clearing myself of more stuff.  so yesterday I piled 20 journals into a box to recycle.  but i haven’t recycled them yet.  the oldest one dates back to 92 when i was at boarding school in cote d ivoire. in recent years my journals have been much more random and turn into boxes of odd paper – less organized – fewer dated sheets – more envelopes/bulletins/napkin fodder. 

half the entries are song ideas the rest is bipolar musing on life love and music.  flipping through the pages i found a lot of songs that i had forgotten but know i won’t ever get around to touching again.  i found chords for a song that i couldn’t remember the progression for.  i found recording notes from the twang twang sessions.  sketches for a whole line of furniture using old tires that i drew up in northern togo.

one second i feel like this is the perfect move to get a fresh start on songwriting – clear it all out!  but the next i feel like this was my entire foundation as a song writer and someday my biographer will wish he/she had it.

if you plan on becoming my biographer call me now so i can make an informed decision before the recycling comes around on friday.

Posted: October 1st, 2007
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