What's on my pants?

I get a ton of e-mails every day asking me what I wear to bed.  Bizarre I know, but totally understandible.  If sleep is the key to productivity, then dressing for success is all about sleep wear.  And since I’m so successful well then no doy of course everybody wants to know what I’m wearing to bed. 

Well as a matter of fact my current PJ bottoms were made by my Mom from material she bought in a Nairobi market.  Oh african cloth?  Must be all cool and tiedyed and colorful and stuff.  Not so mexico, this is the other kind of African cloth where a bunch of guys get together and start doodling ideas for a cool American print and instead of developing the ideas any further they pretty much just transfer the doodle straight to the textile.  This way you can see their unformulated ideas over and over.   So here are a few of the phrases and sketches on my ubersuccessful sleepwear:

Hideout / The bold and the beautiful / line drawing of sunglasses / brick wall pattern / The possible way out / love and peace / dollar sign / Dollars and Sense / Rod / put out fire / on ears / goggles / happy /

And my all time favorite :  “There is every chance that you will find today to be rather easy going day without much event.  A good day to take time to rest and relax.”  – Sandiego State of U.S.A.

If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does.   Those guys either got totally fired, or got a total raise.  And in either case I’m guessing their reaction was to get totally high and make some more sketches.

Let Nader debate,


Posted: September 21st, 2008
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