snap and memory

Lydia (4 3/4) is learning/has learned how to snap.  It’s not loud, but it’s definitely a snap.  She talked to grandma on the phone the other day – and she snapped for her.  She makes a proud statement and adds an emphatic snap at the end.  She walks in the porch from playing outside and both hands are snapping, because they can. 

We’re in the Moline IL right now visiting some friends for the weekend.  We came down some of the same roads Lydia and I drove a year and a half ago when we went down to St. Louis.  Since that trip we’ve talked about the trip a number of times, but the conversation is always about the destination – St. Louis.  But as we were driving through Cedar Falls/Waterloo I saw the hotel we had stayed at after our first night of travel.  I pointed it out and said, “Look Lydia there’s where we stayed on our trip to St. Louis!  Remember?  We went swimming and ordered pizza and walked to the gas station and bought lemonade to drink?”  And Lydia replied immediately and factually, “But first we had a cookie.”  What is she talking about? I thought to myself.  And then I too remembered that there was a jar of cookies at the front desk and when we checked in we each had a cookie, then we swam, pizza’d and drank our lemonade.  So in October of 2006 3 year old Lydia had a cookie on a trip to St. Louis and in June 2008 as we drove by the hotel in the middle of IA she was able to clear up my foggy account of the trip with, “But first we had a cookie.”  I can’t even tell you what we had for dinner last night.  Snap. 

Posted: June 22nd, 2008
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