Juno Olympics

Olympic fever has hit Juno Ave.  And yes, I am a gold medal contender.

Last night a dozen kids from the neighborhood ended up in front of our house playing tag.  I myself don’t mind the running, but I’ve never been keen on touch so I abstained despite the pleading and puppy dog eyes of many an adoring rug rat.  I also abstained because everyone else was half my size and under 8 years old and given my ‘nimble like a jersey cow’ nature I had a feeling that I’d totally bowl some unsuspecting toddler down to the sidewalk in a fit of tears and iwantmymommy screams.  And I can’t imagine the toddler would fare much better.

But when it turned from tag to the 50 foot dash I realized I had a chance.  I totally dominated.  There was only one 2nd grader that came close to beating me and the one lone 8th grader who tied me.  But the wee ones?  I kicked their nick jr. butts.  Sometimes to rub it in I’d skip instead of run just to show off my multi faceted track and field skills.   Oh, and did I mention?  I was in my crocs.   Booya!

I am so gold medal material. 

Posted: August 13th, 2008
Categories: games
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