This last Friday I had the distinct honor and privilege of being part of the St. Paul Area Synod Assembly.  I’m not one to give away secrets, but I’ll let you all in on my success as a musician.  I am continually surrounded by others who can teach me.  So it was for opening worship under the leadership of Mark Ertl and alongside the vocalists Sue, Bonnie, and Sean.  And then again in the evening as I led a vespers service with Justin Rimbo, Micah Taylor, and Jason & Erin DeBoer-Moran.

My song “Work of God” was featured in the morning and a slew of Humble Walk friends showed up to play hand drums on it as angel puppets (as seen in the photo) came dancing in.  Thanks to Heart of the Beast for making that possible!  In the evening I put together the vespers from my own music, including a sacred heart inspired arrangement of Psalm 141.  I was short a Magnificat so we used a Taize arrangement and the congregation hit it out of the park as they sang in a four part canon.

For someone like me who gets cynical anytime the church starts to look like big business it was a bit of stretch to be part of the assembly.  But to be present and to see the vitality of this group, to be part of this cloud of witnesses, to be made small, and to be loved… I’m filled with gratitude and a deep appreciation for the organized side of organized religion.

Thanks to Micah Taylor for once again taking photo documentation.

Posted: May 25th, 2010
Categories: music
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