Becoming Liturgy

Becoming Liturgy  is a collection of 28 original acoustic based liturgical songs.  If you’ve seen Nate in a congregation or worship setting there’s a good chance you’ve sung a few of these songs with him.  These songs come from a Lutheran perspective and tradition with an accessibility that lends them to a wide musical interpretation be it a praise band or an acoustic duo.

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Becoming Liturgy CDBecoming Liturgy MP3
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Becoming Liturgy Congregational Resource
In this congregational resource download you will find:

Becoming Liturgy Songbook – All 28 lead sheets with chords and melody lines as well as tips and thoughts on how to lead the song in your congregation.
Song Folders– Each song folder includes an individual lead sheet for the song (pdf), bulletin insert (.tif), lyric sheet (.doc), and power point (.ppt).
Gather Word Meal Send Chart – When assembling a service this chart helps identify which songs fit where in organizing worship.


In the spring of 2009 I started recording at Small Circus Studio in NE Minneapolis with Russel Munson at the helm and a wealth of talented friends at the ready.  Over the course of days spread out over months we recorded these 28 songs.

Here’s who played what and where:
Nate Houge  Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic Lap Steel 1, Lap Dulcimer 27, percussion 8,10,16,24
Jason DeBoer Moran Djembe 7,8,11,12,13,15,19,21,22
Erin Deboer Moran Vocal 3,6,8,13,18,24,26 Piano 2,5,14,17,20,21,23,26
Micah Taylor  Mandolin 4,13,25,28
Jonathan Rundman€“ Accordian 9,15,17,28, Melodica 7, Vocal 8,17,24
Rachel Kurtz  Vocal 2,4,5,,23
Mari Carlson Violin 3,5,6,13,26
Erik Hummel Vocal 2,11,12,24, Djembe 12
Russel Munson Percussion 10,12,25
Justin Rimbo Vocals 8, 24

Recorded & Engineered by Russel Munson at Small Circus Studio –
Mixed and Mastered by Micah Taylor

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