I’ve been waiting for a big hunk of time to update the blog but as is often the case that time is nowhere near.  So assuming you are all hanging on my every word (in which case you don’t have much to hang on) here’s the short version of the last few weeks.

Floating Bridge.  I’ve been recording this band for the last few weeks.  Leader Erik Ritland is a good friend that I’ve know for close to 10 years now and we’re finally doing some recording.  This is great for a number of reasons including but not limited too:  Great songs, great people, great musicians.  Look for a floating bridge/welaware bill in august.

KUNG FU.  I’ve finally finished my first official kids CD, “Mysterious Kung Fu Ninja and the Pink Princess of Pretty Pretty Land”  Recorded with a ton of great musicians, mixed and mastered by the talented Gregg Ward, and receiving the artistic design of Kjellgren Alkire, it’s actually going to be my finest release to date.  Though an official release is pending it may be available at my kids show on June 28th, 10 am, at Gingko Coffeehouse in St. Paul

Music with Nate.  Catchy title – I continue to host a tuesday morning music class for preschoolers in the area at our local family center housed at monroe public school.  10 am in the commons be there, it’s busy.

Liturgipalooza.  This last Sunday Jonathan Rundman and I lead the liturgy at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in E. St. Paul.  We pulled songs from his Heartland Liturgy and from my grab bag of churchy stuff and had Micah Taylor and Justin Rimbo backing us up on drums and bass respectively.  and respectfully. 

On July 9 I’ll be playing with Micah and Justin again – dare we call it welaware? – at Augustana Lutheran Church in Mpls.  (4 blocks south of the metrodome.

Meanwhile my folks are in town, we’re gardening like crazy, I’ve got a ton of biking in (and one long 3am walk due to a flat tire.  that’ll teach you to bike at 3am) the older kid is out of preschool and the younger kid has been doing experments in sleep deprivation.  Ultamatium Elsa – Grow up to be an astronaut or take more than a 30 minute nap.  Your call.

Rock and Roll, children, Rock and Roll

Posted: June 9th, 2008
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