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Micah Taylor recently decided it was time to start playing out so I jumped on his coat tails and voila!  We will be playing on the third friday of each month at the Bean Factory.  It’ll all be all acoustic and a chance to try out new songs and new instruments, new tunes and tunings.  Also Micah is inviting different folks to join us each time so who knows who’ll be there!  I’ve got two new songs to try out, plus my daughter Lydia is convinced she should sing a song or too.  We’ll see what Micah says ’bout dat.

The other “show” is a weekly preschool music class I do at the W. Seventh Family Center.  We meet at the family drop in center at Monroe Community school in St. Paul.  I’ve been teaching this class as my schedule permits since Lydia was 2.  We do a lot of standard preschool songs, a bunch of stuff I write or adapt, rhymes, and rhythms.  Birth to Five year olds are welcome to experience and participate at their comfort level.  Also, to all the stay at home parents out there – the drop in center is a great asset as we enter the colder months and you’re looking for something to do that’s warm and free.  It’s open Tue-Friday 9-Noon.  There’s also art on Thursday’s and Science Fridays (just like NPR!).  So check it out!

See ya!

Posted: September 16th, 2008
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