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we now take a break from nate’s riveting scholastic history to bring you an update on his equally riveting life.  EQuaLIty now!

i’m typing at my favorite internet cafe, the public library.  i like it because in the background i can hear a woman explaining to the librarian at the info desk that the Library is a sacred place and asking her if she’s familiar with the minnesota guitar society.  

i also like it cause everything is free.  even the coffee!

not really.   there is no coffee.

but the books are free for a limited time only.

enough! youd think being around all these books i’d be encouraged to use bester grammer – but not so – i rebel!

music- two great developments 1) i’m almost done with a children’s cd.  i started it around christmas cause i was a little frustrated with other recording efforts and thought it would be a nice pallet cleanser.  and it has, and it’s turning out pretty swell.  and the kids are going to love it, right kids?

2) longtime musical collaborator micah taylor and i are going in on some studio space together.  = complete unadulterated loud or quiet recording at any time of the day!  unheard of!  it doesn’t even matter if someone flushes the toilet!  (right now my studioito is beneath the bathroom so more than once a near perfect take has been altered by the sound of a ‘waterfall’ in the background.  i’m excited at the recording possibilities this has to offer.

on travel – this weekend – me and the fam go to fargo rock city!  houges gone wild!

on bread – made killer baguettes today – best (only) baguettes i’ve ever made but honestly they turned all wonderful and crusty and chewy.  so good that i’m not even annoyed that i totally shattered a pyrex casserole dish in our oven when trying to create massive amounts of steam at 500 degrees. 

on blitzen – only one more month till the kind of weather when you put on the ramones and drink pepsi and eat snickers.  bop!

Posted: February 27th, 2008
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