The new honest folk album is sitting at the apex of a very large roller coaster.  Is apex the right word? Justin? You’re smart can you tell me?

What I ‘ m t r y i n g t o s a y is that the wheels are in motion and starting friday we hit record.  This makes me happy. 

In other musical notes the preschool music class I teach was great today.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mention it before – I used to teach it before our year in Battle Lake and when I came back the position was still waiting for me so there you have it I’m back at it.  And yes, the joy is in the journey.  Today I took Lydia and her friend DJ with me on my 3 wheeler and then I put the trailer on back with my guitar and other stuff in it and we rode the 1/2 mile (if that) to the school it’s held at.  3 Folks, 5 Wheels, 1 Guitar = pure joy.  Only because there were no hills.

I’d also like to formally apologize for ripping on all things churchy.  I’m really not a cynical bastard, I’ve just been off my medication.

For about 30 years.

Sometimes I get in really good moods and call my friend kjell and tell him how great it is not to be depressed and he says, ‘this is the part they call manic.’  If there was a drug that was totally legal and didn’t rot your teeth that made you feel manic all the time I would totally take it.  Lots of it.  And I would share it with sad people and hungry children.  And ugly orphans.  Those are the ones I worry about.  And you should too.

Posted: November 20th, 2007
Categories: music
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