Tour of Indulgences – DAY 1

Let’s see, what happened that first day of the tour?

Tuesday morning Micah pulled up to the house and we loaded up the minivan with about 12 instruments.  Hence the Tour of Indulgences (that and we offer great deals on forgiveness).  Early on the ride we got a call from our contact in Valpo who said we should be forewarned of lake effect snow.  What’s lake effect snow?


We had beautiful clear roads up until we hit the Indiana border.  The last 30 minutes of driving took about 90 minutes.  Out of nowhere we were getting dumped on.  Valpo U, where we were going to play, cancelled classes.  Our contact graciously met us when we finally got to the chapel but had to take off, understandably, to get home 20 miles away.   We had a few hours to kill before the show, and we figured we’d play a stripped down set (so much for indulgences).  As we wandered around the union we saw one of our posters up which is always fun, and then we noticed a Kathleen Edwards poster right next to it.  Who is Kathleen Edwards?


And she was playing that night at 7:30.  We were playing at 7.

So we played our show, hung out with some great students, and packed up.  Figuring it’s not everyday you get to see KE we decided to stop by the venue and see where the show was at.  We missed the opener, but we had time to buy tickets and sit down just as Kathleen took the stage with sideman Jim Bryson.

It was freakin’ great.

We stayed with some great seniors, had great conversations, got up at 5:30 (I don’t know why…) and shoveled the van out from under a foot and a half of snow and we were on the road.

It was a great start to a week on the road.

Afterwards we got to chat a bit and they were all very fun to talk too, and cool about asking how our tour was going and what not.  Jim is a new dad so I gave him one of my new CDs and we talked about how wierd it is to be on the road away from our families.  You wouldn’t think you’d miss getting up at odd hours and taking caring of the little punks, but you do.

Posted: February 7th, 2009
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