Tour of Indulgences – DAY 2

The first couple of hours on the road were complete crap.

But it got better and soon we were soaring down the tollway, wondering where our toll dollars were going considering the roads were junk (and we hadn’t even got to PA’s roads yet), and by mid afternoon we were in N. Canton OH.

I got to reconnect with my friend, now pastor, Matt Skolnik.  We first met in the summer of 1995 on a trip around the world, flying out of CA, traveling by train, bus, and plane across Russia, and returning to the East coast.  We were with a group called LOGOS and traveling with Russian youth groups singing in an English/Russian choir.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, Matt and I have kept in touch and visited over the years (though it’s been 9 since we actually saw each other last!)  But he and his wife and daughter graciously took us into their home and church and it was awesome.   The concert was great.  We got to set up all our stuff in a cool old sanctuary and played to a very receptive crowd.  One of the highlights for me was having an old friend, Denise, along with her daughter and 3 grandaughters drive 2 1/2 hours from Pittsburg just to see us, and to see us play!  Holy Cow!  Denise is a very important person to my music as it was her financial gift that allowed Jason Moran and myself to record our first demo, ‘twang twang boom boom.’  I’m so grateful and in debt to her and to folks like her who see the value in art and the power of song and support it actively!

Matt, Micah, and I stayed up late talking and eating local potato chips.  The next morning we were up and at it, fully showered and caffinated we hit the road.  Off to Gettysburg, PA.

Posted: February 7th, 2009
Categories: music
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