the politics of Jesus

I’m sitting in AZ, much like I sat all the way to AZ. I just had some formula with my god daughter (p.s. she’s beautiful) (p.p.s. my formula and her formula are different. I call mine coffee. Later today we’ll each have a bottle, I’m guessing our bottles will be different too.)

While formulating, Amy (g-d’s mom) and I were talking about red-letter christians and she did a little googling and found Tony Campolo‘s site and in checking it out I made an amazing realization. Astounding. It’ll change the way you vote.

Like so many thinking Christians Tony makes the point that Jesus is not a Republican. Or a Democrat. But get this: No one has ruled out the Third Party.

Amen, Come Lord Jesus.

Posted: May 18th, 2008
Categories: politics
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