December 19, 2006

This last weekend I had the distinct privalege of being (and playing a bit) at Micah Taylor’s CD release party.  What a day!  I got up at 5:30, made it into St. Paul and did a little Christmas shopping (I fit all of my shopping into 3 hours this year – possibly a record) and then I picked Micah up for lunch.  After lunch it was a lot of gear getting and setting up.  Toward’s supper musicians started trickling in and meeting one another – it was cool to see all of Micah’s circles converging – I got to meet a bunch of people who’s names I’ve been hearing forever.  The energy in the room was great – by the time Micah went on the place was packed and energized by Put Down the Muffin’s opening set.  Micah was in great form – during and between songs.  It was awesome. dare i say rad.

so check out Micah Taylor and buy his new album.

In other news here’s a couple of advent songs for you:

First:  In Days of Old God Spoke to Us Through the Prophets, But Now In These Last Days God Has Spoken To Us Through His or Her Son.

In Days of Old

A look at Elijah and the role of prophet €“ incarnation€™s been on my mind €“ title inspired by reading too much Anne Lamott in too short a period of time €“ wrote in October 2006


I was in the cave I was crying out to you / When I heard the roaring wind I thought you might be passing through / But the wind was just like me, yeah it was crying too, / We wanted the same thing, Oh God do what you must do, / Do what you must do    Lying in the dark waiting for some sort of sound/ I felt the mountain shatter was that you who shook the ground / But the earth was just like me, it lay open to the sky / We wanted the same thing, Oh God, do not pass me by / Do not pass me by    Out beyond the mouth I saw a distant light / Are you behind the smoke in the fire blazing bright? / But the fire was like me; it burned for you to see / We wanted the same thing oh / God do you remember me / Do you remember me?    You drew me to the edge by whispering my name / You could have used your power, yet in gentleness you came / And you sent me to the desert, to anoint the chosen ones / We wanted the same thing, oh God your will be done    Drawn into this world, Mary whispering your name / A humble manger held you, may we do the same / You grew among the people; some said you were the one / We wondered the same thing, oh God is this your Son? / This is your Son

And here’s one of my favorite hymns: On Jordan’s Banks the Baptist’s Cry This is one of my favorite hymns €“ again prophetic stuff €“ J the Baptist was such a lunatic I€™m sure I would€™ve followed him around the woods €“ originally this version was for pleasure and a more palatable version was going to go on the e.p., but micah and I decided this was way more fun and honest €“ micah experimented with stereo drum takes €“ I sang the vocals for about an hour till I lost my voice €“ homemade electric banjo finally made it on a recording €“ this 4/4 crazy horse arrangement is referred to as the locust and mead mix      


Posted: December 19th, 2006
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