December 22, 2006

Today’s the first day Jodi and I have both been home all day in about 2 months.  Whenever one of us has had a day off the other has been traveling and when we’ve both had a day off we both have been traveling – usually together.  It’s so wonderful sometimes to be at home with no agenda.  At least till about 3 o’clock when we all start going stir crazy.  But for now it’s quite beautiful. 

It’s overcast with just a smidge of fresh snow – the fish houses on the lake are little blurs in the distance.  Our friend and retired pastor Art came over who, like most pastors, is a wonderful storyteller, and given his personality he has a lot of wonderful stories to tell.  It’s been a beautifully quiet morning.

I picked up a few books at the Library yesterday one is a collection of reflections on winter by Martin Marty (the other Martin Marty) paired with his son Micah’s photography.  The other Micah.  One of his thoughts is to address winter’s redemption not in spring, but rather in itself. 

So today’s fifth and final advent song is a quiet piece, reflecting on the most shocking of God’s work, coming to us as newborn.  Peace be with you.

 Prince of Peace

Peace came to the earth / In the arms of a teenage mother / In the time of kings a leader is born / Who is called, prince of peace

Peace to you my friend / In the arms of welcoming strangers / In the time of fear please be my strength / Lead us on prince of peace

Peace to you in Christ / In the arms that love our enemies / In the time of war let us live our faith / Teach me how prince of peace

Peace on Christmas Morn / In the arms of a newborn babe / In the time of trial not held by the cross / Oh live on, prince of peace

Posted: December 22nd, 2006
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