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ToI Day 3


The drive to Gettysburg was fine till we got to the rolling hills.  I think we were on Hwy. 30.  Lots of ups and downs and twists.  Micah and I were glad we hadn’t started the day with a large glass of warm whole milk.  As it was we came out of that stretch a wee bit nauseus. 

We arrived at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg a bit later than hoped due to the twisting and turning and a stop at Starbucks (where for the first time in months the barista actually cared about coffee and teach us a thing or two about what we were drinking).  Our host Joel was gracious and after a relatively quick set up in the chapel he gave us a cliff notes tour of the battlefields surrounding the seminary.  Maybe its me getting older, maybe it’s the US invasion of Iraq, but those fields hold way more significance to me now than they did when I last visited them 12 years ago.  That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

It was a great show – it’s hard to beat playing for a crowd of smart young Lutherans.  Check out Micah’s flicker site for a few photos. The greek professor and a few of his students were present so I did Metanoia and quizzed the students.  They didn’t quite pass… but the prof totally appreciated it and also gave me a nice Bill Mallonee compliment after the show.  (Metanoia is greek for ‘repent/turn around’)  I also met a pastor from MD, Pr. John Greenstone who’s doing really cool work with faith and the environment.

We followed the show with great Chinese food.  The next morning I went for a run and ran across the field along Picket’s Charge.  It was moving.  No pun intended.  Micah took this photo of Pickets charge:

Great coffee and scones at the Ragged Edge, and we were off to pick up the rest of the Rachel Kurtz band in Philadelphia.  The Nate Houge and Micah Taylor leg of the tour was over and the Rachel Kurtz and the Rescue Mission leg had begun.

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