out of office auto reply

once when i worked at the big church i spent an entire morning trying to set up an auto reply and sending messages to people that already had auto reply so that there would be an eternal auto reply loop.  that was kind of like stealing money from the congregation in hind site.  or fueling my creative hunger so i could do other cool things that would later lead to vainglory.  and give me the very thing i was working at.  a lutheran complex.

But enough about memememememe, let’s talk about my schedule.  Now that i’ve got a calendar it’s come to my attention that i will be away from this here highway for the next 7 days at least.  Wipe your tears faithfilled readers.  In fact maybe you should take a week off too.  sabbatechal.

Posted: January 22nd, 2008
Categories: technology
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