3 days to go

in 3 days we get the latest addition to the houge family, baby x.


we went to jodi’s last check up on friday and brought all our stuff just in case we’d be stickin’ around for a little deliverance.  not so.  we did follow the appointment with a stop at target where we bought a kite and a stop at olive garden where i ate about 8 bowls of salad.  after she was done with her mac and cheese lydia charmed us with, “let’s see what the desert options are.”  it’s good to have options.  later we set off to find a park, stopped at a few garage sales along the way, one at which i almost bought an old silvertone chord organ for 5 bucks (i’m still not sure it was a good idea to pass on it).  We couldn’t find the park and finally pulled over and asked a jogger, who gave us great directions (way better than the last 3 sets of wrong directions we had recieved).  As we pulled away from him lydia said, “i’m proud of you guys.” in reference to our asking for directions.  i love that kid.

we flew the kite successfully, slid on the slides and swung on the swings and stopped for ice cream and coffee before heading back home.

today’s excitement is that the slushy remaining ice on ottertail is being blown up on to shore and creeping into the back doors of some of the houses along the shoreline.  we drove over to see the area it was happening at and i gotta admit it really was bizarre and impressive.  no clue if it’ll do any real damage or not.  let’s hope not.

tonight i did a little recording and now i’m getting ready to clean up the studio – i won’t be playing any loud guitars for awhile so i might as well clear out all the pedals and wires that i keep tripping over.

go to church,


Posted: April 21st, 2007
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