August 21, 2006

hey fans and folk enthusiasts, My wife and I caught a promo for a (new) football movie coming out. I didn€™t catch the name (catching and football have never really gone hand in hand for me); I think it was something like €˜invisible€™ or €˜inevitable€™ and it looked like it starred Marky Mark of Funky Bunch fame. Needless to say the trailer was giving out good vibrations. I€™ve never really cared for the sports genre – it seems they all tell the same story. €˜look the underdog won/almost won€™ €˜hey the star player is getting his act together/showing up in the nick of time and still being allowed to play/getting good grades now/handicapped/ a blast from the lower class/learning an important life lesson we can all pick up on and use as a teachable moment example in the next corporate training event we take part in etc€¦
But then I realized something profound. That sports story is my story. It€™s your story. It€™s our story. So next time somebody calls you dumb€¦ start chanting €˜Rudy!€™

In other news I just got back from an amazing week at Outlaw Ranch in South Dakota. The Houge family is preparing to move, and at this point, after August 26 I will be on performance hiatus, probably till 2007, check the website for odds and ends that come out of my new home studio in Minnesota€™s lake country, Go! Fight! Win! Air Houge #29

Posted: August 23rd, 2006
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