2 weeks till we move.

pulled out the boxes today – most of studio packed up – jodi’s gone a little overboard, i keep hearing phrases like, “Okay Nate, you know where are dishes used to be?”  meaning the dishes are packed.  she’s left out 5 place settings, but i have a feeling that by the end of next week we’ll all be sharing a single cup.

lydia and I had high accomplishment weeks.  she completed 4 days of baton twirling camp and recieved a trophy at the end which she has named angel girl.  she took it to bed last night.  no she didn’t poke out her eyes with it.  thanks for asking.

i circumnavigated ottertail lake this morning I thought it would be about 30 miles but it took less than 2 hours so I’m guessing it’s more like 20.  or maybe i just got faster on my new bike.  that i love.  and slept with.  i wasn’t as lucky as lydia though, thanks to the rear derailer folks at the cafe are calling me cyclops. 

must pack must move must go go go


Posted: August 3rd, 2007
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