Do you know the Muffler Man?

I live on Juno Lane.

That’s right folks, I put a brand new muffler on my car!  And no, Bill, it’s not made out of plywood.

The civic has been a bit louder than normal for awhile now, but 3 days ago Jodi came in and said, “I think the muffler’s gone.”  Well almost. It was no longer attached to the rest of the exhaust system so yes, it’s muffling ability was seriously hampered by this, but no it was still hanging by two hanger things.  Between Jodi’s comment and my investigative research I stopped by the Groveland Tap (on my muffler free bicycle) and mentioned this problem to Micah Taylor as he mourned the absence of Bell’s Oberon as the seasonal Bell’s selection.  Through his tears he explained that he too once had a Honda Civic with a loud muffler and he fixed it with clamps, a pop can, and copious amounts of duct tape.  This sounded doable to a mechanic such as myself and so I approached the car with an empty pigseye and a roll of duct tape only to find the horrific dissmemberment I earlier described.  I’m no mechanic, but even I could recognize the severity of this situation.  My thought process continued as such:

“Heck, it’s disconnected.  It’s not like I can break it.  Might as well try and take it the rest of the way off.”

“Heck, other than snapping off two rusty bolts, that came off pretty easy.  Might as well see if I can buy a new one.”

(At auto parts store) “Heck, they have it in stock I might as well buy it.”

And so on, until after all heck broke loose and a 16 hour hiatus as I stopped to think about the proper installation of a spring bolt, when I started up the Civic and listened to the pur of brand new muffler.  And that’s why they call me the muffler man.

Posted: September 27th, 2007
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