From Perham to DL

We couldn’t take it any longer.  The cold was doing us in.  Yesterday morning the family packed the swim suits and headed to the rec center in Perham.  A mere 30 minutes later i was running in shorts on an indoor track.  It was worth every penny.  I was so happy to be warm I even lifted weights.  I really don’t know how to lift weights so I found a poster on the wall that showed what to do to bulk up my shoulders and triceps.  I reached for the 20 pound dumbells, noticed no one was watching and quickly grabbed the 10 pounders.  Long story short, I’m now buff.  Than the family hit the pool, the hot tub, and the showers.  We were all much happier and way hungrier.  In our warmth induced state of euphoria we drove 20 miles down the road to Detroit Lakes, or as we locals call it, DL.  And there we dined on the fine mexican food at Miguels, drank peace coffee at the local coffee shop, and hit the big grocery store with the olive bar.  That’s right kids, I said olive bar.  It was a good day.

On the rpmchallenge front, I’m running out of time!  Last night I didn’t have a clue what to do for the last 4 songs, I finally came up with ideas for 2 of them and got them roughed out a bit.  Today I got acoustic guitar recorded for song #7.  I have little idea what tracks 8 & 9 will be, but 10 is pretty together.  All in all I guess I’m doing okay, but tomorrow I’m chaperoning a ski trip.  I call it ‘operation hurt nate.’  I know it’s going to be painful.  The last time I went snow boarding happens to have been the first time I went, and the first shall be last – and that was 11 years ago.  So, I’m not worried, it’ll all come back to me I’m sure.  Jodi pointed out that my head is still along way from the earth, and I left before she could point out that gravities pull is only increasing with my age.  So I hit the slopes (or they hit me) for sunday and monday, than tuesday we head up to grand forks for a potato convention that my father in law will be honored at.  We return wednesday – and depending on when we get back lydia may or may not go to preschool which means I may or may not have a few hours to myself this week. 

I’m really loving my rpm project, and I can’t wait to write all about it once it’s unvieled.  It’s challenged me in every way – as a writer/musician/christian/recorder/familyman – it’s wonderful but of course hugely distracting because of its wonder and thats really frustrating sometimes.  Sometimes its frustrating to be full of wonder.  I want to practical and self disciplined, and in control – and for me those things do not sync with wonder.

Tommorrow morning I’m going to play “Special” music at church.  I’m not sure what makes it special – they told me my education was special too.  Maybe I’ll show up at church on the short bus.  In fact if I ever get to tour the church circuit with a band maybe we’ll travel in a short bus and at each stop we can hop off and say, “Hi!  We’re here to do special music!” 

Remember kids, in God’s eyes, we’re all special.

Posted: February 17th, 2007
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