Two weeks ago I was in Guatemala with a delegation from the St. Paul Area Synod of the ELCA.  I think seeing how things (in this case, church) are done in other cultures gives refreshing new insight and perspective into our own lives, and how we do things (and yes, I’m still talking about church.)  This Sunday I’ll be sharing during the sermon portion of our service at Humble Walk about my experience and some of my insights into church and community.  It might be really boring, but why don’t you come see for yourself?  Humble Walk.  (and with it being an evening service you can still go to your regular a.m. service.  Twofer.)

I’m also stoked to play music with Jason, Erin, and Micah for the month of May at Humble Walk.  The Honest Folk rides again!  We’ll be doing a bunch of stuff from Becoming Liturgy and a Taize song (Raise a Song of Gladness).   And we’ll probably add some stuff from Reform Follows Function during the offering.

Following our Terminal Bar shows I’m switching gears for a whole bunch of churchy stuff.  I’ve Jodi and I were just asked to be the liturgists for one of the services at the Festival of Homiletics next week and I just got invited to join Rachel Kurtz in leading songs and worship at the LaCrosse Area Synod assembly in June.

I’ve updated the tour schedule with those dates and times and a few more as well – check it out and hopefully we’ll connect at a show down the road.

In a less exciting turn of events I had to cancel my appearance at the Wildgoose Festival in NC.  Originally I was curating worship and working with the Wild Gosslings but I had a pile up of little details that made it apparent that this was not the right  time for me and the fam to be trekking halfway across the country.  Hopefully the festival is wildly successful and I can do it in future years.

The sun is shining once again in Minnesota, the worms are digging through our compost, Jodi’s digging through the garden, the girls are riding their bikes, and I’m happy to be alive and thankful for all your support that allows me to do what I do.  See you soon,


Posted: May 10th, 2011
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