I tune and New Tune

Hey – Becoming Liturgy, that hit acoustic liturgical sensation that’s sweeping the nation is now available on I Tunes. Just go to the I Tunes store and search for Houge and there it is, along with my kids cd, my brother’s power pop ep with the hit single Love On TV and Don’s quintet. You know Don… the guy with those other four guys?

Also I had a chance to record some acoustic lap steel with Joel and Aimee Pakan back in January and the song is up for a free download on their website, www.tangledblue.com with the story of how the song came to be. My acoustic lap steel also appears on Becoming Liturgy, and yes the steven’s steel I played with used to belong to Ben Harper. Kind of. Or at least he stole it from his grandpa and handed it to the guy I bought my lap steel from. But it was in his posession allright? So get off my back and listen to some music already.

Posted: February 26th, 2010
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