in my head

zombie. zombie. zombie bie bie

 cran raz

no blogs lately ’cause i’ve been writing in my head.  that’s right a little bit of ye olde mentally telepathy.  so hopefully you’ve been receiving my mental blogs.

no? you have not evolved to that place? well then, a couple brief updates.  recording at singsaas lutheran was absolutely fantastic and bonus of boni, scott jibben was doing the recording.  I love scott! Bill took some photos so i’ll get some of those posted someday…

yesterday was the best sunday in ages.  great church service, great sunday school, great lunch, great pontoon ride, great supper, great scotts.  (jibben?)

look, i totally updated you by telling you everything, and nothing.  it’s like the wonder bread of blogs.  eat up!

Posted: September 24th, 2007
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