It's A CD!

About a year ago I started recording a CD for kids and families.  Yesterday afternoon I went and picked up the finished project from the manufacturers.  I’m proud to announce the arrival of my latest CD, Mysterious Kung Fu Ninja and the Pink Princess of Pretty Pretty Land.  There’ll be more info about this CD in future blogs and e-mails and of coures there will be an official release party and release date.  Of course if you can’t wait shoot me an e-mail (nate at natehouge dot com) and you can order one from me.  Or catch me at a show – I’ll have them available at all future gigs, even if we’re playing at 11pm on a Tuesday night at the 400 Bar.  (Not that I see that ever happening again.) 

It’s all very exciting.  Nate.

Posted: January 9th, 2009
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