I just went to the webster site to check the spelling of luddite and I was about to click on the icon to hear it pronounced but then I was afraid the volume would be super loud on Jodi’s laptop and I’m not sure how to turn it down and people would hear the computer calling me a Luddite and I’d be all confused and embarassed looking and it would be painfully obvious that the computer was right.  I am a Luddite.

But I don’t want to be one.  Or maybe I do and I don’t want to admit it.  Since moving back home we’ve been living with one cell phone, no landline and no internet at home.  And I love it.  The only thing I like more is turning the cellphone off.  than I love love it.  Dare I say, “I Lyle Lovett.” 

But I’d love to be like my friend Jason or Micah.  They’re the technological equivalent of having a friend with a truck when you buy an appliance.  They’re both IT geeks in the best ways possible and have helped  me out of many a quandry when I didn’t know what the frag I was doing.  (like that? ‘frag’ I think it’s a bad computer thing so I’m going to start using it pejoratively.  Or maybe it’s a good thing and my using it will be like how I tried using ‘snap’ for good things.  “You’re totally on time! Snap!”  That was an embaracing two year habit in retrospect.  Maybe I shouldn’t use frag.  Friends don’t let friends use frag.  this is your brain, this is your brain on frag. oh frag it all.  or don’t)

 In other news, I’m playing with the Saints & Sinners (formerly known as Martin Marty and the Martyrs) over at Luther Seminary tonight.  We’ve got a fun setlist of songs from Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, and the old red hymnal, not to be confused with the new cranberry hymnal.  And yes, we will play some Skynard.

Posted: September 6th, 2007
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