Phat Tuesday

Lent is upon us and I’m guessing you need a soundtrack.  Here’s one option:  Saints and Sinners Vol 1

In the meantime I continue to learn things from my Vanagon.  It’s been parked and on a charger for the winter.  And still it finds ways to break down.  On Sunday I noticed a small pool of something on the floor of the garage beneath Our Lady of Disrepair.  It was coolant.  From the rear heater core.  I successfully removed it.  The other option was to fix it.  Both are acceptable within the Vanagon cult… I mean community.  Given how we use our Vanagon and the funds allotted towards it’s health care, removal was the best choice.

There are some things in life we fix.  Others we’re just as well getting rid of.  Hopefully this Lenten season we can discern these things in our own lives.

And if you’re taking up alms giving this season may I suggest giving to Our Lady of Disrepair?

Remember you are dust.  Nate.

Posted: February 21st, 2012
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