That Thing You Said On Twitter Really Ticked Me Off.

I quit using facebook last November.  I still have a Nate Houge page so that I can keep the Nate Houge Propaganda machine rolling, but as far as a personal page?  Adios.  Why?  Everyone was always so shiny happy and successful on FB that I went around feeling like I’d never add up.  It depressed me.  So I quit it.  Do I miss the cat pictures?  Of course.  (Not really.  Cats are dumb.) (And readership plummets.)

But, since we all need a time sucking divergence in life, I’m still on Twitter.  @housewithag, to be exact.  I have found and others have confirmed that Twitter seems to carry less baggage.  Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to use it properly, but whatevs, it’s working for me.

Except for when someone says something stupid.  Which happens.  And 140 characters is never enough to set them straight.  So I fume.

But I’ve also got a blog.  Which is like a bad diary that 12 of you read and lets my mom feel like she’s still part of my life.  (BTW, Happy belated B-day Mom!)

So with this blog I will now respond to some dude’s tweet that went kinda like this:

“Stop getting your theology from christian authors and musicians and look to the Bible and the church”

I replied, “Worst advice ever.” But what I wanted to add was:  Are you freakin’ nutz?  Nobody should limit their sources when it comes to understanding God.  Yes, the Bible should inform your thelology, duh.  And yes, you’re going to learn stuff about God at church, again, duh.  But guess what else?  Those authors and musicians (by which I’m assuming you include songwriters)?  They have something to say too.  And not just the Christian ones.  You should be getting your theology from the Atheist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim etc… writers too.  I’m not saying that you should necessarily believe what they believe, but I am saying that what they have to say is valid in shaping your own understanding of God.  Or more importantly, in God’s revealing God’s self to you.
And this will come as no surprise, God is going to shape your theology thru other disciplines too.  My theology is shaped by the arts, by VW mechanics, by ninjas, by children, by old farts, by skater documentaries, by surf magazines, by night skiing and by idiot tweets that get me all pissy about limiting God – to name  a few sources.  Stop limiting God.  Incarnation happens.
Theology done in a vaccuum keeps God in a vaccuum.

I feel better now.  Thank you.

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Posted: February 19th, 2014
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