The Money Never Runs Out

My friend (and friend to many a lutheran indie musician) Mark Jackson has a Josh Ritter poster hanging up in his kitchen that Josh autographed “Mark and Josh, The Money Never Runs Out Tour”  Josh is Lutheran and Mark is a leader and educator in the Lutheran Church and when Josh was a youngster he participated in events that Mark lead.  Now Josh is a big rockstar and Mark is a proffesor at Trinity Lutheran College in WA and they’re buddies and they get together when their paths cross and that’s great.  But it has nothing to do with this blog.  I just like ‘the money never runs out tour’  Now it could be that this was some famous tour by some great 70’s rocker that I’m totally unaware of, or it could be that it’s a wholly original tour name by Mr. Ritter.  But  either way it makes the important point that the first step in touring is naming it.  Once you name it, you grow it.

So tommorrow I’ll get in Bill Singsass’s Blue euro van (the mystery machine) and along with Martin Marty (THE) and Steve Abenth we’ll go down to a small town in South West MN, set up some gear in Singsas Lutheran Church (see the connection) and play hymns and old gospel numbers while Bill’s cousin and an engineer press record.  Then on Sunday we’ll come home.  I’m totally looking forward to the experience and because it involves an overnight stay and playing music it’s a tour.  And so it must be named.  So at lunch the Houge family came up with some options.

Nate: Saints and Sinners Gospel Road Tour (boring)

Jodi:  Embrace the Holy Mystery Machine Tour (better, focuses more on the eurovan than the rock and roll)

Lydia: #1 The Holy God Scientistic Church Tour (I’m not sure what scientistic is but it sounds a bit cultish)

#2 Good for Sewing Animistic Car Tour (Animism?  Apparently there was a unit on world religions in preschool this week)

#3 Clock Time Church Hour Tour (What?)

#4 Scientistic Night Time Silent Church Minutes Tour (Bringing back ‘scientistic’ after realizing how much it made us laugh.)

Okay, so clearly my 4 year old is on crack.  But I’ve gotta admit, her tour titles are way better than mine.  In fact, she may have trumped ‘the money never runs out.’  durn you 4 year old! alway one upping your old man.  you’d think by now i’d be used to it.  apparently i’m slow and dumb.

Posted: September 14th, 2007
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