Tomorrow's the Night

Nate Houge was a workin’ man, he used to load the red minivan.

Hey there hoodlums!

Welaware is playing tomorrow night at the Fine Line- click here for all you need to know and free tickets:

I’m stoked because we’re playing at 8p.m.  Sharp.  Me likey.  I’m also stoked because I’ve been working on my guitars and I like how they’ve turned out.  You will too.  Even if, like 99.9% of the world you could care less about what kind of pickups are in my Tele.  That was a generous percentage.

If you’re wondering how to turn this indie rock joy ride into a spontaneous date try this:

At 6pm Tomorrow (Tuesday Jan 6)  Check this blog again.  (I’m guessing you check it on the hour already so this should fit into your routine just fine)  Now say to your significantly other – “Sweety/Honey/Babe – It looks like Nate and his band Welaware are playing a free show at the Fine Line!  It starts at 8!  What a reasonable hour!  Let’s ditch the kids/hire a babysitter/turn on cartoon network and get something to eat at Pizza Luce – we can make it into a fun date night!”

Indie Rocker/Romantic Consultant.  The Nate Houge Story. 

Posted: January 5th, 2009
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