That’s What I Thought.

I was trying to say so much of this with my album “Becoming Liturgy.”  I really appreciated these words from Ian Morgan Cron.

Last Sunday at Humble Walk, Tim Snyder added his voice to the liturgical conversation in curating the Restless Liturgy.  It uses existing and commissioned music of Aaron Strumpel.  It was beautiful.  It’s coming back around this Sunday.  You should check it out.  I’m fortunate to be part of a community that makes space and invitation (and a little bit of cash) for artists such as these.  I’m equally fortunate to be led in new ways by gracious and talented creative types that work for the love of what they do and Jesus.  (And a little bit of cash.  A very little bit.  Very gracious artists.)

These conversations and experiences are pushing me to learn in new ways how I can continue to grow as an artist.  I’ve got a pile of liturgical songs that didn’t fit or were written since the Becoming Liturgy album.  One is a sort of pop punk liturgy.  It’s been percolating in my  mind the last month and during the service on Sunday I felt the pull stronger than ever to get it together. Today I lined up  a church that’s willing to ‘premier’ it in April.  And I lined up a drummer.  We’ll see what happens.

Keep creating.  Teach old dogs new tricks and young pups old songs.  Peace.

Posted: February 27th, 2012
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